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Marketing T Levels to Learners and Employers

A one-day workshop for college marketing professionals

There is a lack of awareness amongst young people, their parents, teachers and employers about T Levels and it’s important the FE sector tackles this.

This one-day workshop will help your marketing team to explore and develop messaging around what T Levels are and the benefits of them according to various stakeholders. 

The workshop will contain interactive elements including brainstorming and team exercises aimed at creating useful content to take away.

By the end of the day, delegates will walk away with a time-saving toolkit that they can utilise immediately in their marketing and communications.

The highly interactive nature of the marketing training means that you will leave the training with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively about the benefits of T Levels. 

Marketing T levels
Marketing T levels

You will learn how to:

  • Explain succinctly and in a jargon-free way what T levels are in writing and orally

  • Understand the USPs and how they may differ for different stakeholders

  • Create a messaging matrix for each of your key stakeholder groups

T level marketing
T level marketing

Topics will include:

  • What are the key facts and USPs of T Levels      

Team brainstorm session: A levels versus T levels, the pros and cons of each

  • What is different about employer marketing? Employer (B2B) vs. Learner (B2C)
  • An in-depth look at industry placements and the challenges and possible techniques we can use to promote them to employers
  • Copywriting for learners vs for employers

Team exercise: Select your target stakeholder, select a medium and produce a short piece of copy for them.

  • Understanding the context, a look at T Levels in the news so far
  • The power of case studies and testimonials
  • PR - Learn how to explain T Levels in succinct, simple terms to the media and how to brief      your colleagues in advance of interviews.

Interactive video and feedback session:interview practice to ensure that everyone is clear on how to communicate what T Levels are and their benefits.

Messaging matrix exercise: The day will wrap up with a session aimed at pulling together what has been learnt through the days and the discussions that have ensued. Each delegate will walk away with a set of messaging matrixes.  

Marketing T Levels to Learners and Employers training course
Marketing T Levels to Learners and Employers training course