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We tell stories about how fabulous colleges are.


We love telling stories. 

We are the UK’s only expert PR and marketing agency, exclusively for the FE sector. 

Our Services

Building great reputations

Our specialism is ‘story telling' - writing about colleges and raising their profile through traditional and social media.

For almost a decade, colleges around the country have been impressed with our PR services. Whether you want ad hoc help or an ongoing Press and PR service, we have masses of experience in profile-raising for colleges.

Press releases, media liaison, contacting celebrity alumni, arranging photo shoots, crisis management (dealing with media when things go wrong) and events.

We promise to wow to you with our results.

Media relations

We live and breathe further education, so there is no better choice of partner for your college: 

  •  No one else has the depth and length of experience that we have in further education press and media relations.
  • We have excellent links with journalists.
  • In addition to saturating our colleges’ local media with positive stories, we also regularly get our clients into national media, including TV.

Social media strategy and content

We can work with your in-house team to for example, boost the number of students, alumni, clients and staff who follow you on social media. 

Also, with our combination of PR, copywriting and social media expertise, we can maximize exposure of your positive stories across a variety of channels.

Our results are impressive – we’ve recently doubled one client’s followers! 



We create wonderful, engaging copy for you, written by people who know, understand and care about your sector.

With our thorough understanding of colleges, we can write quality, engaging case studies and other content for your website and brochures. We can also write winning award entries.

Crisis Management

We’re great people to have around in a crisis.

We have successfully kept our clients out of the headlines when they don’t want to be in them and helped to minimise the impact of bad news.

 If you need help with a difficult situation, give us a call, don’t worry you don’t have to be on a retainer with us.


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